During the festival from 3rd May 2011 to 10th May 2011 puja starts at 12 pm. In the evening Arati is done every day. Devotees may bring their own Prasad or may purchase from the temple's own source. Dry prasad is available in a packing and can be sent to any part of the country by DTDC courier service. The Dry prasad can be stored for maximum six months.

During the eight days a Mela is organised wherein every household goods are sold and good food court, restaurant and chat house with especial Bengali dishes are available. Thousands of devotees across the country who have faith join the puja.

There were many miracles experienced by the devotees. Basically they have seen the Goddess Sitala blessing them during the period of chicken pox. After being relieved from the chicken pox all the devotees made it a point to come to the temple and offer puja with its own capacity. The Mandir development committee received huge golden ornaments as offering and cash for the development of the Temple complex and for worship. It s believed that with profound mind and soul if any one ask some favour from Sitala that will be definitely fulfilled.